Sebastien Baret is a french film composer native of the south west of France. Born at the end of the 1980’s, he discovered music with the traditionnal learning of the recorder in the middle school, and got more interested by this art. He started to play the synthesizer et quickly switched to the piano. After his high school graduation in Literature section with music option, he went to a musicology college where he got his Licence diploma, learning more about analysis and organology. Meanwhile he also got his golden medal diploma in harmony, counterpoint and fugue from the Conservatoire National of Bordeaux.

He signed his first short-movie soundtrack in 2010, and worked on twenty more since. During two years, he has also composed orginal music for firework shows for prestigious events in the world. He also scored many documentaries, advertising and video games.

Perfecting his skills in orchestration and arrangement, he was able to work with famous film composers, especially with Nathaniel Mechaly with whom he worked on foreign and french movies with prestigious profesionnals from the cinema industry.