Stains, directed by Adnane Tragha

Monsieur Aznavour, directed by Grand Corps Malade & Mehdi Idir (music editor)

O’Horizon, directed by Madeleine Sackler (orchestrator, music mixer)


Mort Sur La Piste, directed by Philippe Dajoux

Nouveau Départ, directed by Philippe Lefèbvre (music editor)

Seule – Les dossiers Silvercloud, directed by Jérôme Dassier (orchestrator)

The Monkey House, directed by Avi Nesher (music mixer)

Magnificat, directed by Virginie Sauveur (music mixer)

Croisement Gaza-Boulevard St Germain, OCS directed by Jacques Ouaniche (additional orchestrator & music mixer)

Les disparus de la forêt noire, TF1 directed by Ivan Fégyvères (music mixer, composer assistant)


On a grandi ensemble, directed by Adnane Tragha

973, directed by Stany Coppet & Ashim Bhalla

Syndrome E, TF1 directed by Laure de Butler (orchestrator)

Frère & Soeur, directed by Arnaud Desplechin (music editor, composer assistant)

L’Innocent, directed by Louis Garrel (music mixer)

Le Parfum Vert, directed by Nicolas Pariser (orchestrator, music mixer)

King of Kings, directed by Harriet Marin Jones (music preparation)

Tmunat Hanitzahon, directed by Avi Nesher (music mixer, composer assistant)


La Promesse, TF1 directed by Laure de Butler (orchestrator, music editor, composer assistant)

Fox Hunt, directed by Leo Zhang (orchestrator, composer assistant)

Sous les Étoilesprivate show for Van Cleef & Arpels in China by Marcadé Event

Music library album Dramedy Vol.1published by Libzik

Music library album Epic World 1published by Libzik


Shadowplay, directed by Måns Mårlind & Björn Stein (orchestrator, music editor, composer assistant)

Le Lion, directed by Ludovic Colbeau-Justin (music programmer)

Mongeville, FR3 directed by Denis Malleval (music arranger)

Music library album The Dawningpublished by Musique & Music

Music library album Life Adventurepublished by Musique & Music


La Vallée des Anges, directed by Adnane Tragha

Eld & Lågor (Swoon), directed by Måns Mårlind & Björn Stein (composer assistant, music editor)

Persona Non Grata, directed by Roschdy Zem (composer assistant, music editor)

Original Gangster, HBO directed by Madeleine Sackler (composer assistant)

La Vertu des Impondérables, directed by Claude Lelouch (music mixer assistant)

Mongeville, FR3 directed by Edwin Baily (music arranger)


La Bataille du Sport Populaire, directed by Adnane Tragha

Dravemont, directed by Adnane Tragha

Le Coq et le Renard, directed by Adnane Tragha (Official Selection at the 2019 International Aubagne Film Festival – Music & Cinema)

Le Temps des Égarés, ARTE directed by Virginie Sauveur (composer assistant)

November 13th : Attack on Paris, Netflix directed by Jules & Gedeon Naudet (music mixer)

I Dreamed a Dream, directed by Zimeng Hua (music preparation)

Music library album Portrait of Beauty, published by Musique & Music


Le Voyage de Stone, directed by Florian Guichard

La Légende du Hérisson Doré, directed by Terence Vuillaume

Malik et la Tortue, directed by Adnane Tragha (Winner Best Narrative Short at the 2018 Social Relevant Film Festival NY)

La route des cols – une promenade de santé, directed by Stéphane Jacques

Music library album Until the End, published by Musique & Music

Music library album Iced Piano, published by Musique & Music


Unknowndirected by Terence Vuillaume

Bible Secrets Revealedby History Channel

Blood feudsby American Heroes Channel

World’s Deadliestby National Geographic Wild

Music library album Homelandpublished by Musique & Music

Music library album Happy Christmas, published by Musique & Music


Fireplace for your Home, by Netflix

Power of Small, Médecins Sans Frontières (Finalist contest)

Music library album What’s Going On, published by Musique & Music

The Chookman, directed by Marc Cousin (Nominated as Best Original Score for a documentary at the International Samobor Film Festival)


Music library for entertainment shows, published by Music Box Publishing

L’Arc-en-ciel, firework show, published by Music Box Publishing

E3 Videos, Ubisoft

Music library album Epic Orchestra, published by Musique & Music


The Last Shave, Ubisoft


The Strawberry, directed by Marc Hervouet


Un Taxi pour Deux Tueurs, directed by Thomas Garriga